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    Practice makes perfect, seeing it real! Comparison value, choose to create value!


    Xinxiang Zhongtian Machinery is a professional design, manufacture screw press machine manufacturers, the screw press designed specifically for the gooey material for our unique patented product, the screw press is a continuous operation for organic material extruded the liquid inorganic material slag water separation. Dehydration and reduction of the slag liquid separation materials market has a very wide range of applications.


    Domestic use is more belt press or ordinary screw press, there are many shortcomings, such as: belt press requires uninterrupted water jetting to prevent clogging of the filter belt, filter belt on both sides easy to run and easy to damage the material, and the material contact filter with engineering plastics, the material is also a potential contamination. Ordinary screw press slag not easy to get stuck, so-called "obstruction" phenomenon, or dehydration rate is very low, or screw speed is too high, resulting in material temperature, on the part of the material is hurt and can not meet the technical requirements. In the sludge dewatering industry, butterfly screw press needs uninterrupted water jetting to prevent clogging and static ring set ring gap. More than a few problems customers suffer, and then extends to our extrusion separator there are doubts, while the screw press for squeezing the effect of different materials which are not the same, for the completion of the first domestic company Article fruit and vegetable processing and solid-liquid separation pilot production line, our company provides both extrusion separator R & D and improve the basis, but also through the customer's actual operating dispel many doubts, but also its production process is designed to provide a new way of thinking .


    We believe that the choice can create value! We choose, is to choose the right products, but also chose our sincere and perfect after-sale, will bring you an incredible discovery, take many detours less, save more energy, creating unexpected, originally yours the value of. Solid-liquid separation and the fruit and vegetable processing production line has a high dewatering rate and juice yield will be for recycling your waste or recycling of the extracted juice bring considerable economic benefits, the higher the efficiency of the press, a crop can recover the extra cost, a very high price, so our slogan is "choose to create value."


    The most valuable, but also our soul, that we have an efficient, in line with market direction, young and energetic R & D design team, all product design using three-dimensional design, WYSIWYG. Many technology companies are leading technology, our business is the market leader in technology, the first reflection of the market, a reasonable opinion reflects the customer can immediately go to the product, so our product line is more complete, more in line with the direction of the market.

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