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    Fruit and vegetable waste comprehensive treatment production line

    With the rapid development of social economy and the urban population is highly concentrated, surrounded by two-thirds of the nation's cities into the garbage, and 60% of it living garbage is organic garbage, can undertake on-site processing recycling, and the other is basically a recyclable waste and hazardous waste.

    I companies to develop organic waste comprehensive treatment production line includes: sorting machine, winding machine, crusher, dryer, fermentation machine, etc., specifically for urban and rural living garbage sorting or not after sorting, by manual or mechanical sorting out the organic waste, including fruit and vegetable waste, kitchen waste, food waste, tea leaves, bagasse, agriculture and forestry waste, etc., these sorting good organic waste after crushing and dehydration of fermentation to the fineness and dryness, within 24 hours after high temperature, high oxygen fermented into organic fertilizer, odourless and no harmful bacteria both save for land filling, transporting their vehicle and energy, and prevent the breeding flies and bacteria, but also protect the environment, raises the land. Based on these organic waste reduction, recycling and disposal, in situ of the garbage treatment, which is free of garbage transit produced by the secondary pollution to the environment, at the same time after treatment of organic manure can also keep pushing, can produce certain economic benefits.

    For comprehensive treatment of garbage, garbage classification is very important, it do very well in foreign countries, but domestic garbage are almost hodgepodge, or if there is no classification, is not very strict, causing subsequent broken and the difficulty of the fermentation, so many foreign garbage processing production line in domestic popularization, and my company to develop comprehensive disposal line is especially suitable for national conditions, pure fruit and vegetable waste or eat hutch garbage are easy to handle, and these things work to a, then mixed with straw, corn hat, such as agriculture, forestry and waste of crusher is a test of the crusher on the market almost all "PaWo", not their won't broken (even broken iron, also won't broken garbage?) But "scaffolding" do not feed. The dewatering machine on the market are some temporary machine together, not feed, it is dry and wet, not guarantee requirements of fermentation and at the same time production is extremely low, cannot satisfy the concentration of a large number of garbage treatment, and these problems have been broken my company one by one.

    The processing of the line is not only suitable for living garbage, garbage is also suitable for pure vegetable market, cold storage food and fruit and vegetable waste of food factory. 500 kg/h, 1000 kg/h, 3 t/h, 5 t/h, 10 t/h... Such as all kinds of models to choose.
    一、With integration of garbage sorting machine of fruit and vegetable waste broken - dehydration - fermentation production line:
    二、With simple garbage sorting machine of fruit and vegetable waste broken - dehydration - fermentation production line:
    三、Big fruit and vegetable dishes, garbage broken - dehydration production line:
    四、Large fruit garbage (rotten fruit) broken - press production line:
    五、The compact organic waste broken - dehydration - fermentation production line:
    六、Fruits and vegetables, vegetable market garbage integrated disposal site:
    七、All kinds of fruit and vegetable waste:
    八、All kinds of fruit and vegetable waste, vegetable market garbage after crushing effect:


    九、All kinds of fruit and vegetable waste dehydration effect:




    ◆Fruit and vegetable waste crushing and dehydration application video please click the following link:


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