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    Kitchen waste comprehensive processing production line

    Kitchen waste is discarded leftovers generic term for the family, hotels, restaurants and enterprises and institutions restaurant or canteen.

    Kitchen waste with high moisture content, high organic content, high fat content, high salt content of the feature, its main ingredients are contained in cellulose staple starch, and vegetable and plant stems and leaves contain pentosan, contained in meat protein, fat, inorganic salts PaCl highest concentrations also contain small amounts of Ca, Mg, Fe, K and other trace elements. Its chemical composition C, H, O, PS, Cl-based.

    Kitchen waste rich in organic content, high in nutrients, all types of nutrients, high moisture content, if not in time perishable, its characters and odor will cause adverse effects on the environment and health, and easy to grow pathogens, mycotoxins and other harmful substances .

    I developed the Kitchen waste comprehensive treatment production line includes: pre-dewatering screening machine - sorting conveyor - spiral feeder - Broken dewatering machine - oil residue separation device - Dryer - fermenting machines. Since the food waste contains a lot of slop, and the need for pre-dehydrated, pre-dehydrated food waste after manual or mechanical sorting, removing a large number of inorganic waste, such as metal, wood, plastic, paper, fabric or the like. Food waste after sorting through the screw feeder to lift crushing dewatering machine, after crushing and dewatering to achieve the fineness and dryness of fermentation required within 24 hours after the high temperature and high oxygen fermentation into odorless, sterile organic fertilizer, both save land for fill, saving their transport vehicles and energy, but also to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and harmful bacteria, but also to protect the environment, but also raise land. Removal of food waste out of the water, actually belong to a mixture of oil and water, oil and water through the slag separation devices oil-water separation, the separated oil after processing, biodiesel or industrial crude oil. Through the organic reduction, recycling, treatment and disposal of food waste those realized in situ treatment of garbage, eliminating secondary pollution garbage generated during transportation on the environment, as well as treatment resulting Country Life also raised both fertilizer, can produce some economic benefits.

    The production lines are 500kg / h, 1000kg / h, 3t / h, 5t / h, 10t / h. . . . . . And other models to choose from.  
    Kitchen waste dehydration reduction technology roadmap:
    Kitchen waste comprehensive processing part of the site:
    Kitchen waste press dewatering video, please click the following link:
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